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About Snow White

Snow-white Water was founded in 1967 by Joe Szilagyi starting as a branch of Linsey Water in 1957. Joe purchased a softener from Linsey Water and installed the system himself, the sales technician was so impressed how professional the installation was, he offered Joe a job at Linsey Water in 1965. 

In 1967 Snow -White was founded after Joe decided to leave Linsey after a difference in equipment options and start his own company. Joe Szilagyi and his wife Kathleen Szilagyi ran Snow-White until, Joe Szilagyi's son, Joseph S. Szilagyi, took over Snow White in 2007.

Snow-White now has over a 1000 customers and has installed more then 2000 water softener systems. Now 3 generations of technicians to better service your water needs for a happy, healthy family.   

Snow-White certainly knows their way around water conditioning! We want to take care of you!

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Apollo 14 Softener

Snow-White Water Conditioning's founder, Joe Szilagyi, while a branch of Lindsay Water, installed a water filtration systems at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Florida on February, 1971.

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About Our Team

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Joseph Szilagyi


Joseph Szilagyi has worked for Snow-White since he was 18 years old, taking over in 2007 from his father, Joe Szilagyi. Joseph spends his time playing guitar, camping, and enjoying time with his family.


Joseph Szilagyi II

Vice President

Joseph has worked for Snow-White for 6 years after working as a HVAC technician for 5 years. Tagging along at Snow-White as a kid, now is taking over the family business. Joseph spends his time with his wife and baby girl.

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