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Snow-White Water Conditioning

Our Family Serving Families Like Yours for Three Generations

Welcome to Snow-White Water Conditioning of Longwood, Florida. Snow-White is a local-owned and operated family business serving the industry since 1957. Providing the truth so customers can make educated choices to better their water.

Here at Snow-White Water Conditioning we use equipment that is reliable, energy efficient, and easier to use.

We service on most major models.

At Snow-White, we strive to give you the best systems we can.

Our mission is to "Provide pure, quality water by offering dependable water treatment systems for everyone so they can live happy, healthy lives" Our company has over 65 years of experience, so you will always be speaking with knowledgeable and professional technical specialist. Serving Orlando, Longwood, Sanford, Mount Dora, Casselberry, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Apopka, and most of central Florida.

Contact us at (407)-695-2212 

  • New and Refurbished Water Softeners & Water Filters

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Chlorination Systems

  • System Maintenance and Salt Deliveries

  • Free Water Testing

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Advantages of Soft Water

Hard water contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and limestone. The process of water softening removes unwanted minerals.

  • Better Tasting Waterthe tap water will taste better for drinking. Food prepared with soft water will be tastier as well.

  • Healthier Skin and HairHard water can exacerbate certain skin conditions, such as eczema and cause dry skin. Soft water will also show a noticeable difference in the softness of your hair and skin because the impurities are removed. 

  • Reduces Build-up on Plumbing Fixtures - A major purpose of a softener is to reduce the buildup of minerals. This means less time scrubbing to remove all the scum left over on surfaces like sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Minerals can often buildup in pipes and appliances which can lead to damages and inefficiency in your home. 

  • Cleaner Dishes - Those bothersome spots on your dishes will be long gone, removing the minerals caused by hard water eliminates these annoying spots on dishes, shower doors, and fixtures. 

  • Less Detergent and Soap Neededwith hard water you use more soap to do the same job. Soft water needs less detergent, soap, and lower washing temperatures. Soft water reduces the need to scrub food residue off those dishes.

  • Extents the life of clothes - Clothes will last longer and stay brighter if they're washed in treated water regularly. That's because hard water leaves minerals in most fabrics over time. As a result, clothes start to look dull and dingy faster.

  • Extends the Life of Plumbing Systems - No scale buildup, appliances need 50% less soap and detergent when using soft water, this means using less soaps and chemicals when washing, this extends the life of these machines. The appliances can also run at lower temperatures when in use and still remove tough stains.

  • Increased Efficiency of Appliances and Will Save You Money - with several appliances like, washing machines and dishwashers when using treated water these machines retain original factory efficiency. Many of these owner manuals actually recommend you use treated water for the best performance. Water Softener can save up to 30% in energy expenses, up to $243 per month and $2,916 per year.

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Goes in Hard, Comes Out Soft

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These guys are fantastic! ! There services are even better. Thanks for great service !

Ed Cagen

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